Electric Bill's Company

Who We Are

Bill Weinberg became an electrical contractor in 1977. He spent the next fifteen years as a contractor in San Francisco, home to some of the most rigorous inspectors in the world.

He wired countless Victorian and newer buildings and got the reputation of cutting the fewest and smallest holes possible in the precious lath and plaster walls.

Customers include the historic Haas-Lillienthal house, the headquarters of San Francisco Architectural Heritage, the Exploratorium, the battleship Iowa, and thousands of Bay Area homeowners.

Bill moved to San Rafael in 1994 and has put down deep roots, as well as wiring those most frustrating of buildings – the Eichler house. With neither attic nor crawl space, Eichlers and their contemporaries have a reputation of being hard to update. But we have our ways.

Bill wiring a building.